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The Switch

When we re-launched our Minecraft Server, we chose Pixelmon, and it was awesome ! Our player-base exploded, everything was fine until we realised how badly Pixelmon is optimised for now ... and we simply couldn't provide a lag-free and stable experience to our players.

I then took the decision to close the server, and relaunch a different format of it.


We're now stable and launched on the Technic Launcher with a MC 1.7 and a bunch of mods ! We're working on the story, and things should be coming online fast ! 

The tutorial to join us will be updated as soon as possible, and we hope to see a bunch of you real soon !

The Discord is still open ! :D 

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What our server is all about ?!

Mods !

With the power of Forge, we can use Mods right on our server to further extend your experience !

Custom Biomes Generation !

Using Biomes O' Plenty, Ruins, RogueLike and various others mods, we have a unique map just for you !

An active community !

Among the Staff, we've known each other since a while now, and even if our project is fresh, we won't fail you !
And our members won't either ! Come play among friends !

Shaders !

Allowed by SEUS Shaders and OptiFine, we improve the overall look of your game with a low settings Shaders-pack.
More blockyness, less stutter !