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  1. Oyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! So, to help define a proper line-story and get our server up and running on a good basis, we started talking yesterday on the Discord, but we won't do any progress like that, so here I am ! For now, what we have (will be updated) : - The player come from a different universe, more on the "tech" side. - He crashed onto the world in his spaceship, world filled with magic and unicorns - He partially lost his memories - Near is a village where we start our story GoGoBrainstorming
  2. When we re-launched our Minecraft Server, we chose Pixelmon, and it was awesome ! Our player-base exploded, everything was fine until we realised how badly Pixelmon is optimised for now ... and we simply couldn't provide a lag-free and stable experience to our players. I then took the decision to close the server, and relaunch a different format of it. We're now stable and launched on the Technic Launcher with a MC 1.7 and a bunch of mods ! We're working on the story, and things should be coming online fast ! The tutorial to join us will be updated as soon as possible, and we hope to see a bunch of you real soon ! The Discord is still open !
  3. It's a WIP, I don't see how your comments is helping us actually Or the point overall to be honest If you have suggestions, we're open to it
  4. Well... as far as I can tell, Pixelmon is fucked up, and will be fucked up for another decade. We can't keep going at that rythm, and nobody will be happy. Other mods exists, maybe more stable, less CPU consuming, and maybe even more intersting, so let's talk about that ! Aqhurion proposed to go from a Mo's Creatures + Biome's O Plenty : - - I kinda agree with this one, but I need your opinions