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  1. IGN: MRcakeGUY TimeZone: GMT+0, UK, England Builds: Posted a couple of builds - Hope they catch your attention! Click these links, these are also a couple of builds Why I want to be Constructor: I've had a lot of experiences considering i've been on Minecraft for a couple of years now - I have enhoyed the time I have played. Clapity is a good Server, and I've come back from about a 6 month break. I helped on the old Pixelmon Server - I remember a Constructor complementing my builds, it was Aqua something I think ^-^. The ol' days... Lul. I am getting familiar with the community and think I am ready to come back to Clapity Talent/Inept (Building): Talent: I am great at doing intricate and big designs, with a lot of detail to create a feeling that you think it is the best house you have ever built. I am great at symmetrical builds, but it would require more work (Unless I had WorldEdit). I am good at making good, neat builds in either a couple of hours or days depending on the size of the build. Inept: Organic builds went strait in inept for me; as organic builds can sometimes turn out amazing, or turn out making your eyes bleed. So you can't get dependent on me to de an organic build ^V^ When you do not have a flying permission, or can not reach the block that you need to hit, that is a real pain. I spend a lot of time on Single player as I have the flying permissions. What makes a good build?: Personally, I think a good, and finished build is what you think is a finished build. Whether it's small, big, unnoticeable, noticeable, it is what you think is a finished build. As it is up to you what you think a finished builds looks like, as it is yours, and yours only. Do you understand that is you break any rues, you will be permanently banned?: Yessir! I made up my own Application Format - Im not sure if you are supposed to use a specific one, but there is my Application!
  2. I am back! You may not remember me - I am MRcakeGUY, and I used to play on this Server every day. >I enjoy playing Pixelmon and meeting up with others >I love to build - if Im being honest - Im pretty good at it ^-^ >I am not a weaboo, but I do enjoy watching anime c: Hope to see you on!