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  3. Client side mods you might want to have:
  4. And we decided to not make it a technical based server
  5. IP: MC.Clapity.EU Getting Forge: The modpack: You'll want to search on your computer for %appdata% Go into .minecraft Find the file with the name "mods" Then you'll want to drag the files from .zip and place them into "mods" That's all, then you start Minecraft 1.7.10 with Forge and add the server and get on
  6. I'm sorry to inform that Clapity won't be a Pixelmon server much longer, we can't get the server stable and are looking into moving launcher and changing up the game, we have not found a 100% choice at the moment, but we are ready to announce that the server will move direction. As of right now we are pretty close to finding the finishing touches, but we still have some tests to run, we do believe we will be moving back to 1.7.10 since the mods in reality stopped improving after that update.