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  1. any idea why NEI doesnt work, i download it put it in mods and run my minecraft and it just crashes straight away??
  2. i suggested lots on the original post
  3. just saying the mods in this pack dont really add much to minecraft just some new decrative blocks and new mobs no really what many people look for in a mod pack
  4. and arc magica 2
  5. oh another one is Buildcraft
  6. Since i have played alot of minecraft over the last 6 years i have played alot of mods and made alot of my own mod packs and this is one of the more recent mod packs i have created. it includes; archimedes ships better storage biblio craft biomes o plenty chisel flans mod forge microblocks dinosaurs galacticraft open blocks project red thermal expansion wichery blood magic tinkers NEI MineFactory reloaded natura Morph sync seceretroom invent pets twilight forest orespawn waystones mod mo creatures Potato Power Craft (this one is in the list because biscuit likes potatos) lucky blocks big reactors compact computers Mechanism nether ore computer craft some kind of minimap mod Feel free to edit the list if you decide to make a new mod pack, i just have one request, please dont remove dinosaurs,blood magic or computer craft