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Well... as far as I can tell, Pixelmon is fucked up, and will be fucked up for another decade. We can't keep going at that rythm, and nobody will be happy.

Other mods exists, maybe more stable, less CPU consuming, and maybe even more intersting, so let's talk about that !

Aqhurion proposed to go from a Mo's Creatures + Biome's O Plenty :



I kinda agree with this one, but I need your opinions :) 

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Well, I'm looking for mods but just wanted to point out another idea. We could also just try another mod pack such as in FTB. Otherwise those two mods are indeed fun to play, tried them in the past and could be interesting on a server


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Since i have played alot of minecraft over the last 6 years i have played alot of mods and made alot of my own mod packs and this is one of the more recent mod packs i have created. it includes;

archimedes ships
better storage
biblio craft
biomes o plenty
flans mod
forge microblocks
open blocks
project red
thermal expansion
blood magic
MineFactory reloaded
invent pets
twilight forest
waystones mod
mo creatures
Potato Power Craft (this one is in the list because biscuit likes potatos)
lucky blocks
big reactors
compact computers
nether ore
computer craft
some kind of minimap mod

Feel free to edit the list if you decide to make a new mod pack, i just have one request, please dont remove dinosaurs,blood magic or computer craft :D


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i would like pixelmon the most but if that doesnt work, astral lucky blocks is a good mod. inventory pets and twilight forest are also good mods

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